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The salesify platform is a platform that contains components that aid in the sales funnel. From recording of leads to documentation when closing a deal. It is a one stop shop for sales and marketers who would like to manage their sales funnels.


Leads Creation and Assignment

One of the tool that you get with the application is creation, assigning and reporting on leads. A lead is defined differently and is used by different departments. This feature lets you create a lead and assign it to a specific team member that has already been added to the platform.


Meetings and Activity Calendar

This is also a crucial part of your organizational activities. Meetings are created, reported on and reports generated on the platform. The application has a way that you are able to quickly add, attend and report on meetings. With salesify activities such a field trips all are incorporated to your calendar.


Track Team Performance

There is a module that tracks your indicators that you tie to team performance. Is your team performance pegged on number of leads created? You are able to report on this. Is it pegged on sales closed? Generate printable charts to view all the activity reports.


Executive Dashboard

In an organization the decision making body of the organization normally receives many reports. Hence you need an application that has that feature. The executive dashboard has reports that help in the decision making process by having easy to digest reports.


Whatsapp and Bulk SMS Integration

Communication with the leads created and team members can be done off platform. This application makes it easier for you to compose and send messages both via whatsapp and SMS. Bulk SMS from the platform help your recipients increase confidence in your company.


Integration to Website and App

Integrate salesify to other website and application that are outside the platform. Websites and other platforms that you already use in your day to day or periodically. Integrate to your website, to Facebook ad to other third party applications such as Truecaller and Viber.


The platform is a plus for a sales or marketing expert. Some of the benefits they enjoy with the platform are.

360 Degree View of Your Leads

View all your leads data at one place. Leads can be classified into potential sales after probably the letter of offer stage. This the salsify application leads can be manipulated various ways. We have a dashboard that enables you to see all of this. All your leads activity; Meetings, viability of a lead, conversion rates and interested inventory. Inventory and leads can also be compared on the platform.

Facilitations and Commissions

Each lead or project has a cost that is attached to running it. Be it meetings or trips or per diems. Running a lead has its costs. Use the salsify application to run your day to day activities and get reports on the same. Register commissions that agents get on the platform. Get the agents to register for commissions due receive the commissions. And ensure that nobody cries foul in the process.

Dependable and Quick Support

Our team is always on standby to always give support to you. We will assist you in the process of ensuring that you have dependable service. This is an application that has been taken up by many other organizations. Hence you would be guaranteed if you have an issue with the uptime most of our customers are experiencing the same. The support we offer will ensure the system is as dependable as it can get.


Automate most of your sales cycle using the salsify platform. The platform covers most steps in a standard sales cycle. Automate your documents, inventory management, leads, trips and payment mode. This are just some of the functions that become automated using the platform. The process of making a call to a lead becomes some steps less thanks to the application. Most paperwork that is in the sales process is reduced thanks to the application

Reporting & Analytics

Part of the allure of working in a big organization is holding a meeting with fellow executives or fellow team members. Using the salsify application you are able to make those meetings more productive with easy to use and easy to manipulate reports and analytics. When you get the application those discussions about numbers and strategies get a whole new improved perspective thanks to the tech used.

Data & Security

By the use of techniques such as data incremental backups and improved credentials management you are sure that the data above is secure. It is secure from both external threats and losing of the data. This are the main causes of security breach in your technological pursuits. Creation of multiple redundancies once a record is created is a way to ensure that no data is ever lost. We have large storage spaces to make this promise a reality.

Pricing: $20 per User per Month

Use case

The salesify platform can be used in almost all the businesses. Here are some examples of how it can be used in this specific sectors.



Insurance firms sell policies. This can be treated as products even if they are documents. This application can be used exclusively by the insurance sector in its sales process as the insurance sector incorporates agents, images and documents. Salesify lets you manage all this, for instance if you have a standard policy document for fire insurance you can preset it on the application so that when your team makes a sale they do not have to go back to your premises to get it. They just preset the clients details and the document is ready.


Real Estate

When in the business of selling houses, time and company documents are of the essence. You may get a client who will buy a house impulsively, you may get a client who has a million questions. Instead of stressing your sales people when they find themselves in such a scenario, get an application that makes this to minimize on mistakes that are brought about by human error.


Car Dealerships

Some deals that involve large volumes of vehicle’s take place at the buyer’s premise. Having an application that your team members can carry to go and try to convince a buyer take up a couple of cars is an added advantage. It portrays professionalism and class; this makes the buyer want to be interested in your services. You can also involve the buyer in the process by getting them to download the client side of the app where you can manage your communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why should I consider using this application?

    Smart question Onesmus; Salesify makes work easier by aiding you manage your sales firm’s details effectively.

  • Is my information safe while in this system?

    Yes. All your information is confidential to you only since you are the custodian of the system the password to login.

  • How do I get my existing data on salesify

    You don't have to be a tech expert to get up and running with smart finance. We offer a number of helpful resources created specifically for data integration. We’ll work with you to build a complete solution that addresses all your business needs. Plus, we ensure a level of scalability that promotes continuous innovation.