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The aim of this post is to help you have a practical idea of how to get started with workflow management. Epesi Workflow is a management app focused on the structure of work within an organization and how teams collaborate to complete this work. Epesi Workflow helps you automate management coordination to realize great benefits in the organization.

Before getting too abstract, let’s start with an example of what workflow management is. For example, consider what’s involved in hiring new employees to join a company. Hiring a job candidate requires a number of pieces of information, such as the candidate’s name and CV, and details of the job vacancy. Some tasks will gather additional information during the hiring process: who performed interviews and when, their individual evaluations, practicalities such as the candidate’s availability date, and the final decision to hire the candidate or not.

Epesi workflow provides the following functionalities.

  1. Forms builder for creating a user interface for entering structured workflow data.
  2. Documents integration for uploading unstructured data in files.
  3. Has an ‘inbox’ that people can use to discover tasks to work on.
  4. Gives notifications that inform participants about changes in workflows, such as when a task is assigned.
  5. Allows access permissions that can be set-up to control who can do what.
  6. Gives reporting that provides overviews of the work in progress and completed work.

This information must be captured, made available to the right people in time, and archived. This means that the management will coordinate this work to achieve a number of goals. When a candidate is eventually hired, at the end of the process, other IT systems may need to be updated. Here, is when Epesi Workflow comes in to make work easier.











Workflow management is the coordination of tasks that make up the work the organization does. By ‘workflow’ I mean a sequence of tasks that are part of some larger task, meant to aid achieving better results according to some set of goals.

This app integrates with IT in order to share data within an organization. This is also one reason why workflow management is a management discipline and not just software: process improvement is about changing how people do their jobs, which is harder than re-configuring software.

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