Epesi Chama

What is Epesi Chama

Epesi Sacco is a cloud-based financial system, usable by banks, Saccos, Chamas, Saving Groups, Credit and Financial Institutions. This Unique Financial Management System is not only web-based,cross-devices,cross-browser but comes with a beautiful user interface, user friendly and wonderful user experience.


Members Module

  1. Personal Registration Details Entry.
  2. Automatic Unique ID/Account Number for all members.
  3. Comprehensive member admission form.
  4. Search existing and former members by gender, date joined and other filters.

Savings Module

  1. Add/Edit Member Savings.
  2. Preview/Print Member Savings Report.
  3. Integrates submission of Savings via M-PESA Number or Paybill.

Loans Module

  1. Add/Edit Members Loan.
  2. Add/Edit Various Loan types.
  3. Add/Edit Various Loan fees.
  4. Preview/Print Member Savings Report.

Withdrawals Module

  1. Add/Edit Members Withdrawals.
  2. Preview/Print Withdrawals Savings Report.

Penalties and Repayments Module

  1. Add/Edit Members Penalties/Repayments.
  2. Add/Edit Various Penalty Types and Fees.
  3. Preview/Print Member Repayments Report.
  4. Integrate Loan Repayments via MPESA Number or Paybill.

SMS Messaging System and News Management

  1. Schedule Events /Meeting notifications to Members on Mail/SMS.
  2. Manage SMS groups and send a targeted SMS/Email notifications to a certain group of members.
  3. Send SMS messages on special days e.g. Madaraka, Christmas, Easter etc.
  4. Target SMS messages to an individual member.
  5. Automatically send a Pre-Written Thank you notification to a member on record of savings, repayments.


Here are some of the features of our Sacco management system.

Member Management

Epesi Sacco is created for cultivating the habit of savings among its members. This software is capable to managing all kind of Member management activity.

Share Management

Epesi Sacco is capable to managing all kind of Share management activity in Saccos.


Our major concern in the Epesi Sacco system is the overall system security. The security module is well configured for audit trail and all lock and unlock system features in our system

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