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Platform Modules


Customer Management (CRM)

Streamline field sales processes, track finances & accounting, track legal documentation & automate marketing activities. Enhance salesforce productivity, grow sales deals, automate operations, automate communication, run drip campaigns, and manage projects efficiently.
This feature lets you create a lead and assign it to a specific team member that has already been added to the platform and with easy follow-up.
EpesiCloud CRM

Marketing Automation

Keeping ahead of the competition in a crowded market like real estate requires effective marketing strategies. This platform gives you the power to create content and strategies that will resonate with your audience and prevent any potential opportunities from slipping by unnoticed. Its easy-to-use interface and powerful features help you capture your audiences' attention through email campaigns and social media promotions.
EpesiCloud Marketing

Post Sales

Customer loyalty is built by establishing mutual trust and relationships after the sale. This platform streamlines post-sales processes, reduces manual work, facilitates efficient collaboration, and keeps everyone involved informed, aligned, and on track. Our system makes post-sales workflows easier and cleaner, reduces errors, and standardizes processes, resulting in smoother operations and quicker transaction closures.
Realty Post Sales

Call Center

Call centers are essential points of contact for clients, prospects, and stakeholders in the real estate industry because of the complexity of transactions. Our call center will help you assist new and current buyers with inquiries, addressing concerns, and providing timely information about properties, pricing, and availability.
Epesi Call Center

Project/ Finance management

Our system helps you plan, schedule, and track construction and development projects. You can track milestones, allocate resources, and monitor costs, which enhances the efficiency, collaboration, and profitability of your projects. The system also allows budgeting, accounting and reporting. It provides real-time insight into expenditures, revenue, and cash flows, enabling informed decision-making.

Property Listing

Real estate agents rely on property listing as one of their most effective strategies to market their properties and enhance visibility in the market. Our platform, offers real estate companies a unique opportunity to advertise their properties. You can take advantage of our services and let us help you amplify your reach and reach a broader audience for your properties with our platform created specifically for the real estate market.

Platform Benefits

The platform is a plus for a sales or marketing expert. Some of the benefits they enjoy with the platform are.

Quick follow-ups
Increase the conversion rate in your business by streamlining the follow-up process and ensure that no leads are lost by providing clients with personalized and timely responses and ensure that no leads are lost due to delayed or overlooked follow ups.
Lead Scoring
Prioritize and focus your efforts on high potential prospects. Our system can help you capture, track, and assigning scores to leads based on a range of factors, including demographics, engagement level, and behavioral patterns. By utilizing these scores, agents can direct their efforts to the most promising leads.
Effectively manage your team
Track and analyze each sales agent's key performance indicators (KPIs), such as the number of leads contacted, meetings planned, transactions closed, and income earned. These vital insights can help sales representatives pinpoint particular areas where they may be failing or thriving.
Personalize your marketing
Gain deep understanding into the preferences, needs, and behavior of customer. By understanding each clients on a more personal level, agents can tailor their communications, property recommendations, and follow-ups to match client's specific interests and requirements.
Automate your business
Simplify tasks, enhances efficiency, and enables agents to focus more on providing excellent customer service and driving business growth. The system allows you to list properties and sort them according to the categories and filters, manage clients, pay tax payments, all within the system which reduces the workload significantly.
Real-time reporting
Stay ahead of the curve by utilizing real-time metrics. These metrics, include conversion rates, agent performance, and lead generation, enable you to discover patterns and handle problems as they arise as well make fast changes to your marketing plans based on data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I consider using this application?
EpesiCloud platform offers significant benefits in terms of efficiency, lead management, customer relationships, collaboration, data-driven decision making, scalability, and integration. It empowers real estate professionals to streamline operations, optimize sales processes, and ultimately achieve greater success in the competitive real estate market.
Is my information safe while in this system?
Yes. All your information is confidential to you only since you are the custodian of the system the password to login.
How do I get my existing data on salesify
You don't have to be a tech expert to get up and running with smart finance. We offer a number of helpful resources created specifically for data integration. We’ll work with you to build a complete solution that addresses all your business needs. Plus, we ensure a level of scalability that promotes continuous innovation.