Epesi Projects

Beating Complexity

Epesi projects platform is an easy to use task management platform to aide in tasks that form part of your organizations activities. All organization’s activities can be broken into tasks and hence we have a task management platform that will assist in coming up with these tasks and making follow ups on them


Project breakdown

A project is a large and complex concept. Epesi projects enables you to break down your project into many parts. The app offers upto four levels of project breakdown. This is to say that you can break down a project upto four levels using the app.


Task creation

In your day to day activities in your company you essentially deal with tasks. Epesi projects lets you create this tasks and assign them to members of a team that you have set. Naming a task may help in communicating what you want to your team members.


Task reporting

The application lets you report on tasks. When you have assigned a certain task to a team member the application lets them report on the progress of the task assigned. They are able to attach documents to the tasks for easy reading and reporting of the said task.


Risk management

The application has a section where you are able to report on the risks that are encountered in the undertaking of a tasks. You are able to create risks that you think would be encountered in implementing the task, when the reporter encounters the said risk they are able to report about it and you are able to see on your side so as to take action about it.



When giving instructions it helps sometimes to attach documents to them. Using the app you can have reading a document as a task that the reporter reports on. You can create tasks based on the document just read and your team will do a better job as they have an idea of what they are required to do.



In your day to day activities you are faced with tasks that are dependent on each other. Create interdependencies on the platform, linking similar tasks together even if they are done by different people. Sometimes a task needs to be completed first before another one starts. Order your tasks using the app to have a successful project.


Enjoy some of these benefits using the app.

Time saving

You are now able to spend more time doing core functions of the company other than following up on tasks. Time is saved especially because most of the work is now done by a touch of a button instead of a lot of paperwork.

Remote working

You are able to get results of tasks that were handed out remotely. You do not have to use traditional methods of communication, that may let you down at times, when reporting about tasks. The application organizes this for you and you are able to work remotely efficiently.


You will motivate your team when they use the application. This is because they know that when they have the application they are able to report on the progress of the tasks easily. Maybe what is demotivating your employees at the moment is a tideous process of reporting on tasks.

Instant notification

Get to know what is happening in tasks that you have given in real time. You do not have to wait for the manager at your far away branch to come to the office physically every second Tuesday of the week to know what is happening with tasks assigned. Using projects you get to see this notifications instantly.

Useful dashboard

You can now view all activities that are going on in your organization just by a single dashboard. Get to see ongoing activities, completed tasks and create new tasks using the application. This gives you a better piece of mind


You are now able to create and report on tasks across all devices. You can use your phone, desktop and tablet to report on tasks that have been handed to you.

Use case

Some of the industries that benefit from this application include.



Construction involves large volumes of tasks in a single project. You are not only able to assign tasks on the platform but you are also able to view reports and analyze your progress using the application more easily.



Having a farm that grows a certain produce or keeps certain live stalk involves a lot of tasks. You can use this application to follow up on activities in the farm. You also get real time reports on tasks given on the farm wherever you are. You do not have to go where the task is taking place to ensure that it is complete.

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