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Enhance the administrative and academic processes of educational institutions and produce the greatest generation of students.

It is possible for educational institutions to provide a seamless and enriching educational experience to students, teachers, and administrators via the use of Epesi School Software, fostering a culture of excellence and facilitating educational success. With features such as online learning capabilities, student information management, attendance tracking, gradebook and progress monitoring, and communication tools, Epesi School enables schools to operate more efficiently in the digital age.

Platform Modules


Student Information Management

Administrators can organize and store student information securely, such as contact information, emergency contact, attendance records, health information, and academic performance. You can also create add a new student on the system quickly, only entering the minimal information at the moment, and completing it later.

Fees Management

Epesi Schools generates invoices, calculates fees, tracks payments, and allows parents to make online payments, which reduces the need to handle cash manually. It also sends automated reminders to parents regarding due dates, late fees, and outstanding balances, so fees are collected more effectively.

Assessment and Exams

The system is designed with a clear criteria set, exams are administered, student work is graded and evaluated, feedback is provided, learning gaps are identified, monitoring progress is monitored, and educational policies are informed by assessment data.

Bulk SMS/Communication

Communicate effectively and efficiently between teachers, students, and parents through messaging, announcements, and notifications. This promotes effective collaboration and keeps all stakeholders informed.

Learning Management

Our system implements curriculums, instructional strategies, supports and trains teachers, determines assessment methods and manages time and schedules. With this system, teachers can create assignments digitally, and students can submit their work online simplifying the assignment process, makes submission tracking easy, and provides a digital repository for student work.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics:

The Epesi School System generates insightful reports and analytics on various school operations, including academic performance, attendance, and financial data. This allows administrators and teachers to make data-driven decisions to improve teaching and learning.

Platform Benefits

The platform is unlocking new possibilities for administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Some of the benefits they enjoy with the system are.

Efficient Administration
Epesi School platform streamlines administrative processes, such as student registration, attendance tracking, and scheduling, and reduces manual record-keeping time. This system allows administrators to manage student information, generate reports, and communicate with parents, saving them time and resources. It also improves data accuracy and security, ensuring that sensitive information is kept secure and easily accessible.
Enhanced communication and collaboration
With our school system, administrators, teachers, students, and parents have access to a centralized communication platform. It contains features like messages, notifications, and online forums to facilitate efficient and instant communication. It is easier for teachers to share assignments, grades, and announcements with their students and parents. This increases student engagement and parental involvement.
Improved Teaching and Learning Experiences
Students can access resources, submit assignments, and receive feedback digitally, promoting an interactive, personalized learning experience. Teachers can view performance reports and analytics, allowing teachers to identify areas where students may need extra support. Using educational materials and online collaboration tools, students are able to learn at their own pace and gain essential digital literacy skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What security measures does the Epesi School take to protect sensitive student information?
Our system implement sophisticated security measures to ensure the safety of student data, including encryption, authentication, and regular backups.
What are the possibilities of customizing the school software system?
Depending on the institution, our software can be customized in order to meet the unique needs of a school. Administrators can configure the system settings, define workflows, and tailor the software to fit the needs of their school.
Is training and support provided for using the school software system?
To ensure smooth implementation and ongoing usage of the school software system, we offer training and support. We provide comprehensive user documentation, video tutorials, and online help resources.