Insurance Sector

Platform Modules


Customer/Member Management

Client data is an important aspect of the insurance industry, our system serves as a comprehensive repository for customer data and records important details such as contact information, demographics, and policy histories. The system streamlines communication channels, ensuring that customer interactions are logged, tracked, and responded to in a timely manner, contributing to efficient customer service. It also helps insurers drive customer engagement and loyalty through targeting specific audiences with relevant promotions and policy offering.

Policy Management

An ERP is responsible for end to end services to the client in insurance industry. This module ensures that policies are created, issued, and maintained. It facilitates policy underwriting, which involves evaluating risks, determining premium rates depending on various factors, and deciding whether to accept a policy. It also allows cancellation of policies if necessary and all the policy documentation needed, including policy contracts, terms, and conditions.

Claim Processing Module

You can track and manage claims at every stage of the process, from the moment a claim is filed until it's settled. The system will capture all the relevant details, including information about the insured party, the incident, and any supporting paperwork. It then analyzes the claim to determine if the claim is covered by the policy, and informs the adjuster to investigate and evaluate the claim, gathering necessary evidence and information.

Billing and Accounting

Payment of insurance premiums and commissions to agents are the day to day activity in an Insurance firm. With our system, you can track outstanding premium payments, facilitate effective debt collection, and keep current information on the status of the payments by managing accounts receivable and tracking outstanding payments. As well as calculation of agents commissions based on predefined rules.

Financial Reporting and Analytics

This module is responsible for monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) across various aspects of their operations, such as policy issuance, claims processing times, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. It provides interactive dashboards that provide insight into key metrics from multiple sources and present it in a visually appealing and intuitive manner. The information allows decision-makers to identify trends, spot anomalies, and make better data-driven decisions.

E-Market Place

The e-marketplace is an essential tool that enables customers to easily purchase and manage their insurance policies online while connecting them with all your products . It offers a comprehensive list of all the products available, giving customers a multitude of options to choose from. The e-marketplace module acts as a conduit between insurers and customers, simplifying transactions and improving the overall customer experience in the insurance sector.

Platform Benefits

The platform is a plus for an Insurance expert. Some of the benefits they enjoy with the platform are.

Better Policy Management
Automate and streamline repetitive and time-intensive activities such as policy creation, policy documents, and calculating premiums. Using our ERP system, insurance companies can liberate valuable resources and redirect them to more impactful endeavors like analyzing data and assessing risks.
Automate the Claim Process
Quicken the claim resolution process and enhance collaboration among stakeholders by providing real time updates to claim adjusters, underwriters and all parties involved in the claim process. The system provides a central platform that offers real-time notifications on claim statuses, progress, and any actions that are required
Easier Sales Tracking
Keep track of all sales activity such as customer queries, policy quotes, policy sales, renewals, and claims. The system simplifies the recording and data organization making customer data fast accessible and for analysis and better decision making.
Personalize Customer Service
Provide personalized and customized services to each member to ensure their individual needs are addressed. Insurers can gain access to crucial information such as medical history, preferences, and previous interactions by maintaining full member profiles that are easily accessible.
Invoicing and Payments
Easily generate and send invoices to clients whenever they pay their premium contributions. This automation reduces the need for manual involvement, lowering the possibility of mistakes and assuring timely and accurate billing.
Real-time Reporting
Extract valuable insights from client's data, monitor key performance indicators, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. Our system has the ability to analyze large amounts of data. With this data, insurers can assess trends in customer behavior and policy data, identify potential risks and adjust their underwriting processes ,optimize marketing and customer retention strategies.

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Why should I consider using this application?
EpesiCloud platform offers significant benefits in terms of efficiency, lead management, customer relationships, collaboration, data-driven decision making, scalability, and integration. It empowers real estate professionals to streamline operations, optimize sales processes, and ultimately achieve greater success in the competitive real estate market.
Is my information safe while in this system?
Yes. All your information is confidential to you only since you are the custodian of the system the password to login.
How do I get my existing data on salesify
You don't have to be a tech expert to get up and running with smart finance. We offer a number of helpful resources created specifically for data integration. We’ll work with you to build a complete solution that addresses all your business needs. Plus, we ensure a level of scalability that promotes continuous innovation.