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Streamline manual tasks such as data entry, update, and organization, and improve collaboration among stakeholders.

Our platform streamline post-sales processes, reduce manual work, facilitate efficient collaboration, and keep everyone involved aligned, informed, and on track during after the sale. With the help of our system you can simplify post-sales workflows, reduce errors, and standardize processes, which will help you achieve smoother operations and quicker transaction closures.

Platform Modules


Offer Letter

Save time and reduce human error by automating offer letter generation. Our system centralized customer information, providing agents with access to essential information on buyers. The system also allows agents to follow up promptly, ensuring all necessary documents are provided and any concerns are addressed as soon as possible.

Payment Plans

Track and record payments accurately and reduce the risk of making errors or missed payments. The system may automate payment reminders, delivering buyer timely alerts and ensuring that they meet their payment responsibilities. Furthermore, the automated provides individualized help for any payment-related questions including due dates, amounts, and payment methods.

Final Agreement

Facilitate efficient communication and collaboration between agents, buyers, sellers, and legal professionals involved in the agreement process, monitoring the process and ensure that all parties have singed and completed the necessary steps. The system allows timely exchanges and the resolution of any outstanding issues.

Title Registration

It serves as a central repository for all important documents and information that pertain to title registrations. Agents can easily update the required paperwork, keeping a record of the status of each registration. Our system can automate reminders and notifications, ensuring that franking, license approvals, valuation, and stamping deadlines are met.

Title Issuance

Reduce administrative burdens and enhance customer satisfaction through the effective management and organization of data associated with property title deeds. The system integrates well with different databases, which allows for quick retrieval of information and reduces errors and discrepancies.

Analytics/ Reporting

Streamline complex data and enhance accessibility by creating real-time reports using interactive dashboards, graphs, and charts. In this way, you can optimize marketing efforts by analyzing transaction volumes, average sale prices, property appreciation rates, and improving the strategies based on data.

Platform Benefits

The platform is unlocking new possibilities for marketing experts. Some of the benefits they enjoy with the platform are.

Document Management
Documents are digitized and organized in a central repository via post-sale software to simplify and streamline the process. By doing so, contracts, agreements, warranties, and permits will be easily accessible, securely stored, and shareable with relevant parties.
Efficient Follow Ups
The system automate reminders that can be sent out for important milestones such as warranty expirations, maintenance schedules, or renewal opportunities, which allows real estate professionals to proactively engage customers, address their needs, and offer relevant advice.
Enhanced Customer Relationships
Manage and nurture customer relationships after closing the deal. Our system provides a centralized platform for storing information about customers, tracking interactions, and managing communications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are post-sale systems and processes compatible with our current systems?
Real Estate Post Sale solutions often offer integration capabilities to streamline data flow and minimize disruptions.
How long does it take to implement post-sale software for my real estate company?
It depends on a variety of factors, such as the complexity of your requirements, your company's size, and the quality of your data, how long it takes to implement post-sale software.
Can Real Estate Post Sale software handle international real estate transactions and currencies?
Yes, the software include currency conversion capabilities, multi-language support, and compliance with international accounting standards for international real estate transactions.