EpesiCloud Logistics


Streamline, manage, and optimize your supply chain and delivery processes with an intuitive EpesiCloud Logistics system dashboard.

Managing inventory levels, shipping, tracking, and delivering goods, optimizing packaging methods to reduce costs, and managing orders.

Platform Modules

  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Warehousing
  • Materials-handling
  • Packaging

Use case

All kinds of businesses can use the workflow application however here are some examples of how it can be used in different business set ups.

Can manage business operations and administrative tasks

Ability to manage business operations and administrative tasks.


Comprehensive overview of organization’s finances

ERP systems automate many of the administrative tasks that go into running a business, saving time and effort.

Administrative tasks

Quick decision making in an organization and improved collaboration across departments.


Platform Benefits

Epesi ERP helps businesses manage their operations and administrative tasks by providing a comprehensive overview of an organization’s resources.

Improved efficiency and productivity
Due to the automation of many administrative tasks, our ERP systems can significantly reduce the time and effort needed to complete those tasks.
Better visibility into all aspects of the business
Our ERP system provides businesses with better visibility into all aspects, from finances and accounting to sales, inventory, and customer relationships. This allows businesses to quickly identify areas that may require attention, track performance metrics, and make more informed decisions.
Improved collaboration across departments
Our ERP system helps businesses improve collaboration across departments by providing a unified platform for data and processes. This allowins them to work together on projects more efficiently. Our ERP systems can provide employees with the information they need in real-time, helping to eliminate confusion and delays caused by outdated or inaccurate data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I consider using this application?
Smart question Onesmus; Salesify makes work easier by aiding you manage your sales firm’s details effectively.
Is my information safe while in this system?
Yes. All your information is confidential to you only since you are the custodian of the system the password to login.
Are the SMSs free?
Yes. The SMSs are free only a fee of 3% per every transaction that goes through the system.