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Staffing Training Development

Our system helps manage employee data, as well as track employee records and generate reports. It simplifies onboarding and recruitment by automating job postings, resume screening, and applicant tracking.

Our system streamlines the process of managing employee benefits, automating payroll processes, tracking leave balances, and managing employee benefit programs. With HRM software, you can streamline these processes, minimize errors, and allow HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives, such as talent acquisition, employee engagement, and organizational.

Platform Modules

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Employee Information Management

Our system provides a secure and centralized database to store and manage employee data. It allows HR professionals to efficiently manage personnel information, employment history, skills, and training records. With easy access to accurate and up-to-date employee information, businesses can make informed decisions, streamline HR processes, and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

Payroll & Benefits Management

Simplifies and automates the complex task of managing employee payroll. It also ensures accurate and timely payment to employees, taking into account factors like attendance, leaves, overtime, taxes, and other deductions. By automating this process, companies can reduce errors, save time, and ensure compliance with relevant labor laws and tax regulations.

Time & Attendance Management

Simplifies time tracking, attendance monitoring, and leave management processes. Our system also allows employees to log their work hours accurately, request time-off, and view their attendance records. With streamlined time and attendance management, businesses can improve workforce productivity, reduce administrative overheads, and ensure compliance with labor regulations.
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Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Streamlines and effectively speeds up the hiring process ensuring that top talents are onboarded quickly. It also includes performance appraisals, setting goals, providing feedback, identifying training and development needs, and creating career development plans.
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Performance Management

It facilitates goal setting, performance evaluation, feedback collection, and development planning. By providing a structured and transparent performance management process, businesses can foster a culture of continuous improvement, align individual goals with company objectives, and recognize high performers which drives organizational growth.
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Analytics & Realtime Reporting

It offers powerful reporting and data visualization capabilities. It enables HR professionals to generate insightful reports and metrics on various HR activities, such as workforce demographics, turnover rates, performance metrics, and compensation trends. By leveraging data-driven insights, businesses can make strategic decisions, optimize HR practices, and align their human capital strategies with organizational goals

Platform Benefits

The platform is unlocking new possibilities for marketing experts. Some of the benefits they enjoy with the platform are.

Easy Employee Onboarding
Streamline administrative tasks for HR managers by enabling them to effortlessly distribute pre-boarding materials, welcoming messages, and vital paperwork to recruits allowing them to familiarize themselves with the company culture and policies ahead of time.
Automate Payroll
Automate various payroll-related processes, such as direct deposit setup, tax form submission, and leave management. This automation streamlines workflows and reduces manual intervention, leading to increased efficiency.
Easier Talent Acquisition &Retention
EpesiCloud HRM system streamlines and effectively speeds up the hiring process ensuring that top talents are onboarded quickly. Also, create a supportive, engaging, and growth-oriented workplace, fostering higher employee retention rates and contributing to the overall success of the organization.
Streamlined Leave & Timesheet Workflows
It allows employees to send leave requests for absences and efficient monitor employee hours accurately. This helps in identifying trends, optimizing resource allocation, and controlling labor costs, all of which contribute to business growth and profitability.
Objective Performance Recognition
The system fosters a culture of continuous improvement within the organization. It offers an opportunity for constructive feedback, allowing employees to understand their strengths and areas of improvement. This process serves as a basis for making informed decisions on promotions, rewards, and career development plans.
Realtime Reporting
EpesiCloud HRM provides access to essential metrics and performance indicators, empowering HR managers to promptly identify trends, proactively address potential issues, and optimize the workforce for enhanced efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the main benefit of using Epesi HRM?
Our system is an easy to use and configurable cloud software system that helps in streamlining essential HR tasks, saving you time, streamlining staff management, and helping you be more organized
Is this the right HR software system for my business?
Yes, keeping good relations with your employees is the key to your company's success. Our system enhances employee engagement through self-service functionality like requesting for leave days, as well as data accuracy and reporting capabilities
What security measures have been put in place?
Having the HRMS in the cloud can be questionable as it is susceptible to being hacked by fraudsters. However, worry not. There is a very strong firewall protecting our servers, which detects and prevents any intrusion immediately. The servers are updated regularly as well.