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Work that workflow

We have an application as a part of the suite that is tailored for workflow management

Any industry that you are in has processes. We have an application as a part of the suite that is tailored for workflow management.

Platform Modules

  • Workflow Creation
  • Reporting
  • Documents Management
  • Team Management
  • Risk Management
  • Workflow Stages

Use case

All kinds of businesses can use the workflow application however here are some examples of how it can be used in this industries.

Workflow Creation

Use the application to create your day to day workflows. Have a structure that details the first thing you do to the last.

Create comments and instructions on the specific process for the user of the workflow to follow.



Enable reports on the various processes you have created on the app. With a very interactive dashboard you can view reports based on the parameters that you have set.

Documents Management

Some processes come with documents for various purposes. Have documents and manage them on the specific points of your process. Follow up on this through the app.


Platform Benefits

Epesi Workflow is a part of the Epesi cloud suite. Here are some of the benefits that come with using the app.

Data collection
You are able to collect very valuable data with the application. Especially when it comes to processes that are repetitive. You need a reliable application that will enable you to monitor how you are doing in your processes. Then use the data to create processes that would work the best. When you give out work you will have happy people to do it for you because they are encountering very predictable challenges.
Easy dissemination of instructions
With the application you are able to easily disseminate instructions and set where the instructions ought to be. When onboarding someone new onto the team all you do is assign them a workflow and they are able to see the instructions on the app. The application also lets them report on the progress they are making in the specific process. Training will be easy when you have the app.
Reduced errors
You encounter errors in your field of work. Trying to figure out where the errors are coming from is made easy with the workflow part of the Epesi cloud suite. You are able to see how errors occur, where they occur and what makes them occur. You use this information to ensure that the errors do not occur that much. When a new team member joins you, you are able to ensure that they do not make errors that you already have mitigated.
Reduced paperwork
With the application you are able to reduce the paperwork that you use in your day to day activities. Papers that are used to record your activities on your workflow processes will only act as a backup. You will not need a timesheet anymore as in the application when your employees check in they use the app to say so. Sometimes some processes needed a lot of paperwork to do. With workflow you will use it as a backup only but not as the main source of information.
Time saving
Some manual practices in the company’s day to day activities take a lot of time to do. With the workflow application time is saved as most things will be done by a touch of a button instead of a manual process.
Duplication of processes
Imagine you have the similar processes but with very slight changes. In a manual system you will have to recreate the said process again. With workflow you will duplicate a similar process and make changes where you want. What’s more with workflow you are able to create unlimited processes making it easier to manage unlike when you do not have the workflow application.

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Why should I consider using this application?
Smart question Onesmus; Salesify makes work easier by aiding you manage your sales firm’s details effectively.
Any plans for expansion?
Yes, we want Epesi Cloud to be the biggest vendor of cloud computing in Africa. Our products are tried and tested and our customers find them effective and efficient. People can reach us through 0757560600 or email info@scopicafrica.com
How many users does the sytem have?
We have three users for Epesi Realty, two for Epesi Elimu, one for Epesi Salesify, one for workflow and one for Epesi Legal