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Platform Modules


Admission Module

Manage and streamline the admission process, such as application form submission, automate documentation process and evaluate with the school ERP. The system provides a centralized database where all applicant information is stored securely, making it easily accessible for administrators and eliminating the need for manual paperwork

Fee Management

Generates invoices, calculates fees, manage late payments, and creates fee receipts automatically with the school ERP platform. It enables parents to make payments online, and sends automated reminders to parents regarding due dates, late fees, and outstanding balances.

Examination and Assessment

Allow teachers to easily manage the examinations and assessment processes, including scheduling, grading, generating results, and producing reports and transcripts. Our ERP system automate the evaluation process and facilitate the analysis of the results.

Bulk SMS and Communication

Improve communication and facilitates efficient information dissemination within educational institutions with bulk SMS. Teachers and administrators can use bulk SMS functionality to communicate important announcements, reminders, updates, and announcements.

Learning Management

Enhance the learning experience, improve outcomes, and optimize instructional processes with school ERP. The software facilitates the administration, delivery, and management of educational courses and training programs. It provides learners with access to learning materials, promotes engagement and collaboration, and allows instructors to monitor and provide individual assistance to students.

Real-Time Reporting

Generate instant reports, analyses, and insights regarding various aspects of the educational institution. This provides educators and parents with continuous access to students' academic records, such as grades, assessments, attendance, and progress reports.

Platform Benefits

The platform is a plus for a sales or marketing expert. Some of the benefits they enjoy with the platform are.

Efficient Administration Management
Streamlines administrative activities and information management procedures. Our system offer centralized management system for student records, attendance, grades, and academic progress. These systems save paperwork and human labor by automating regular administrative chores like as scheduling, enrollment, and fee administration. Administrators may access real-time information, prepare reports, and make data-driven choices by integrating and organizing data, resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy in school operations.
Streamlined Learning System
Our system has a tremendous influence on the teaching and learning experience by facilitating interactive and individualized education. Educators may develop and share course content, give and mark homework, administer online tests, and engage students in conversations and cooperation. Students may access learning resources, submit tasks, and communicate with classmates and teachers. These systems encourage active learning, enable asynchronous learning, and give tailored feedback and assistance, resulting in a more interesting and successful educational experience.
Improved Communication and Collaboration
Facilitate smooth communication and collaboration among stakeholders such as students, parents, teachers, and administrators. They provide message systems, discussion forums, and announcement tools to help teachers and students communicate more effectively. Through specialized portals, parents may see student progress reports, attendance data, and contact with teachers. These platforms enable cooperation, resource sharing, and timely communication, which improves the entire educational experience and fosters deeper relationships among all parties involved.

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Why should I consider using this application?
EpesiCloud platform offers significant benefits in terms of efficiency, lead management, customer relationships, collaboration, data-driven decision making, scalability, and integration. It empowers real estate professionals to streamline operations, optimize sales processes, and ultimately achieve greater success in the competitive real estate market.
Is my information safe while in this system?
Yes. All your information is confidential to you only since you are the custodian of the system the password to login.
How do I get my existing data on salesify
You don't have to be a tech expert to get up and running with smart finance. We offer a number of helpful resources created specifically for data integration. We’ll work with you to build a complete solution that addresses all your business needs. Plus, we ensure a level of scalability that promotes continuous innovation.