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An expanding market requires
dynamic objectives and strategies


Integrate and simplify essential operations with customized modules, making it adaptable to the unique needs of different businesses.

/Marketing Manager- Karibu Homes
Karibu Homes is real estate company renown for providing high-quality and affordable housing solutions. Relying on its innovative designs and sustainable practices, it strives to deliver excellent customer service.
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Our solution

It was a time-consuming and labor-intensive task to manage after-sales requests, warranty claims, and customer support.
By implementing the Epesi Cloud suite, we have been able to improve our post-sales service operations . This system served as an efficient method of tracking and resolving customer requests, ultimately leading to prompt and satisfying responses.
We had a hard time tracking campaign performance and evaluating ROI among various marketing channels
We have taken advantage of the powerful marketing automation tools and campaign management features provided by Epesi Cloud suite. With this suite, they were able to craft tailored campaigns, simplify marketing processes, and monitor campaign progress in real-time.
There were major challenges dealing with financial data, invoices, and payment records due to a manual and disjointed approach.
The Epesi Cloud suite has revolutionized our financial management by offering a powerful accounting feature that simplified their processes. The system automates invoicing, allows for central control of expenses and payments, and produces financial reports with ease.


By utilizing the Epesi Cloud suite in our daily activities, we have grown considerably and have established ourselves as frontrunners in the real estate industry.

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