May 29, 2022

Salesify App usage

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If you have a phone and you are using the salsify application in your organization. You have two options, you can either access the platform on your web browser on your phone. Examples of these are Opera mini, UC browser, Safari and Google chrome. You open the application on the link tab of the application,. It would look like the web version but with rearranged elements. You can do everything that you can on the web version here. You also can create a quick link on the home page for you to easily access the web version of the application. It is recommended to do functions like adding inventory on a proper desktop computer instead of a phone as you will get a better experience. The web version display on the phone is also determined by the size of the screen of your phone. The bigger the screen the better the display. A landscape view of a large screen makes it a better display with the menu coming up on the left side of the screen. You are also able to scroll from up to down through the landscape view. You will see fewer records of for example the leads created that you would on the portrait view. You would see more details of a single lead for example without having to scroll from left to right as you would on a portrait view.

As advised though, you would do most of that on a desktop computer. Let me introduce you to the potential that having an application with lesser functionalities but more experience has. First of all it is cool that you get to download the application straight from the play store. It feels futuristic and it motivates you as the employee of the said company. When having a chat with your friends or at a family meeting back at home you can brag about a cool app that you have at your workplace that is downloaded from the store. This means a better social status to you the employee. The application itself has an appealing look so impressing your friends and family with it is easy. As long as you do not share sensitive information that would harm your organization and cause it harm, you would be good. Secrecy and company applications is a whole other topic on its own that will be covered in later articles.  The home page of the application has pretty harmless information hence you can use this to impress your friends.

Once you and all your friends and family have seen that the application is visually appealing. How about  you start actually using it. For instance, you can set meetings, add attendance, confirm attendance and get a report all on the application. In your taxi as you are on the way to your meeting you will look all boss like on the back left seat while confirming that you are attending a meeting on your phone. The app has quick links to phone calls so you can call your other attendees.

The app works both as a tool to impress your friends and as a tool for work. This is just the first of many applications that do the said functions.

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