May 29, 2022

Credentials management in your organization

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You have already ordered for your software. The software is to be used in the organization by your team members to attain organizational objectives. How do you then manage credentials internally in your organization? Who would be the best person to create for you a workable strategy for your credentials management?

Looking at the various professionals around it is difficult to point out who really should help you with credentials. Lawyers would give excellent legal and language advice, you would think this would be the best profession to guide you on how to create your credentials for your company. You would be right, but wouldn’t they give you just legal advice. Advice that would exempt you from any legal consequences, but would it be the best advice to achieve your organizations goals? Don’t you think that this would limit you in attaining your objectives?  Your employees would not use the system to maximum potentials. I give it to the lawyers though you need one to protect yourself from any form of damages especially if a typo occurred in an email from your company email. Listening to them would cover you legally. They would also advice on the limits you would use to draw the line between company work and personal work while using the software. The next one would be the business strategists. In my opinion this also are a good bet to assist you come up with your credentials management. You may hire external business strategist who are professional and have conducted extensive research on how you can allocate and account for your company credentials. Part of the job of business strategists is to come up with company structures and company processes. They would come to your organization study your company structure and processes, look at the software that you have purchased, study how your processes would work best at the software you have purchased and guide you on how you would create and distribute your credentials.

Another professional that would come close to helping you create an excellent credentials management strategy would be a security consultant. Some security firms have a digital security section this is an excellent section to go to assist with creating your credentials. They would give you a strategy that would be from a security perspective. They too would study the software, check for security loopholes and give you a strategy that would cover those loopholes. Maybe this would compromise on your company objectives a bit, but you are surer you are safe using the software.

Let us talk about this profession, the developer. Most of the time in software development companies they have the above professionals to assist in different matters in the company hence, when the developer gives documentation or you book a session with the development company. They will come up with a strategy that will work for you. They are the ones that created the system they would be a good source of credentials management information. If it is a system that came out of the development company they came up with a strategy on how the clients can manage their credentials. If it was a system that was made for another client and you find yourself using it, most probably in the development of the system there were credentials management sessions.

Who do you think would be the best to come up with and help you implement a credentials management strategy? Would it be the lawyer, the business strategist, the security consultants or the developer?

We at Epesi cloud think the developer is the best bet. Book a session with us and we will create a strategy that works for your credentials.

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