May 29, 2022

Migrating to a newer version of a software.

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Softwares come with updates all the time. If it is mass free software that you use for instance Facebook, you have a choice of putting down the idea of what every link and button that the updates came with. You also can decide to teach yourself how to use the new features and use them as you so wish. These platforms have rules on how to use them, they mainly apply to the extremists in the society. If you live a normal life, the rules set by these mass platforms should enable you to use the platform without breaking any rule.

How do you deal with an update to a software that you have been handed by your boss?

This is not software that you will stop every person on the streets at random and ask them to show you how to use it. You have been taught to use an earlier version of the software. Your bosses assume that you will easily learn how to use this one too. Imagine if the software decisions are made at your head quarters and hence your boss is more of a call away than a shoulder tap or a walk in at the office to ask if they are busy at the specific time.

Here are some of the activities that are involved in that.

First; You wouldn’t want to go around the new software not knowing what to expect. The update record button may have been replaced by the delete all records button.

What do we recommend in that scenario

Get a representative from the software company to come and show you how to use the new version. Go through documentation and other materials that may have come with the new updates. This may not help much as maybe the representatives of the software company are out of reach or little documentation has been provided.

I recommend you set up a demo account in this case. A demo account is used as a sample hence if it doesn’t work fine it will not damage the rest of the system. Using this demo account you will discover for yourself what new features have been added to the software. You will try and see what changes you ought to make in your processes both in the software and out of the software. Once you are satisfied that you can now try and see if your real credentials on the previous version will work. And you will get to resume work back to normal.

Second; Most of the time a previous version of the software was useful to your organisation. Hence you have data that you need to run your business. The software company may have advised you on how to manage your data. Back up processes both electronic and native.

There is a section of the software that is called a database. This is where most of the times electronic data is stored. Software updates rarely affect the data itself. It may affect the architecture of the database but actual records remain. Your inventory remains your inventory even with the new update.

What do we recommend in that scenario.

Most of the time you will get your data. In case your data gets lost it is advisable to restore previous backed up versions of data.

You also may find that the new version is entirely new. It is not an update of the previous version but it is a whole new system. Maybe your software company changed developers and the new developer comes with a whole new architecture for the software.

What do we recommend in this scenario

We recommend that you set up a demo account and test the system first. Back up data and restore it to the new system. You need to contact your service provider in this case. Ensure that you get to understand if it is safe to use the new version while completely discarding the previous version. Or you should keep the older version as a back up. Or continue using the older version until there is complete communication from your service provider about the safety and reliability of the new system.

You may find out that the new system will work better than the previous one.

We at Epesi cloud will always be there on call. When we have deployed an update of our software, we recommend you learn the platform create a demo account, go through documentation. Feel free to give us a call first and we will guide you through all of this. If you are not the adventurous type in your organisation.

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