May 29, 2022

Help desk applications and company structure

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Helpdesks are customized to fit your company structure and to assist every department in the company achieve it’s goals. A sample company that does dairy processing for example may have three departments. That may be marketing, product design and production. The marketing department would deal with marketing the product. In this sample case the marketing department would be in charge of the sale and distribution of the products. you would think that this is the department that would use the helpdesk application the most. You would be right as we advice the marketing department should take control of all communications that come to or go out of the company. In a normal scenario this is the department that would take control of the helpdesk application. 

How does the other departments use the help desk feature?

Let us go department by department, as in this sample company.

Product design department 

In this scenario a product design refers to coming up with new and iterating already existing products to fit the consumer needs. Who would be the best friend to this department? We have other applications that would excite said department but the helpdesk application comes a distant first. Say the design process of the said company is product design. This involves coming up with a product that you think the market would like and respond to. How would the helpdesk application help with this? If the team is brainstorming on a new product this should be your first place to look for ideas. Sift through all the tickets that have been launched by the customers to get a picture of how your new product should look like. Customers may come to complain about a flaw in an existing product, that I think would be the first place you  should look when creating a new one. A flaw in a product may mean a great opportunity for a new one. Say someone created a ticket about milk going sour too soon. It is a great feedback mechanism that would mean you get to figure out ways on how to make milk last longer. This is work for you as the design department. Hence this is a great way in which the helpdesk application would assist in the product design process. 

Production department

This department is tasked with the production of the products produced by the company. A customer feedback may point out a flaw in the production process. Imagine your most valuable customer giving feedback about a product that has some sort of flaw, in the said industry say the yogurt you produce has a more than usual sour taste. This may not be a problem with the product design. It may be a problem with the machinery that you use to make the product. Enough complaints about it and you can be sure that it is the machinery you are using. You can then change and make the necessary adjustments to the said machine. 

The helpdesk application assists to consolidate all customer feedback that you use in your internal processes. The said company above benefits immensely if they take up the application. Lets give an example of product design. As much as most of your ideas will come from your internal mechanisms. It’s a good source to get ideas from customer feedback. And what a better way to do the said process than with the helpdesk application. If say for instance there is a flaw in your machinery, most likely you wouldn’t notice the said flaw as you interact with the product on a daily basis. Or you do not sample your products one by one, hence if there is a damage that occurred to the machines, you wouldn’t know using internal mechanisms. But multiple tickets that point out to the same problem would help you to realize that there is actually something going wrong in your production line. 

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