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Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to AI Marketing

artificial intelligence in marketing

Perhaps the biggest generator of strategic growth lies within the ability to leverage AI for the increased awareness of consumer behavior analysis, helping to generate more accurate data insights. With the right tools and adequate implementation, marketing teams can unlock the potential to create relevant and timely communication efforts and help to increase customer engagement. Customer satisfaction is expected to grow by 25% in 2023 within organizations that use AI according to Gartner research. Finally, the integration of AI into a brand’s marketing strategy helps companies develop well-honed omnichannel communications that allow brands to build loyalty into every potential purchasing platform. Cosmetics company Tarte transformed ordinary consumers into loyal, brand ambassadors by offering redeemable points to those willing to share positive information about the brand on their social media networks.

artificial intelligence in marketing

This incredibly immersive use of AI is the perfect intersection between the application of autonomous technologies and the well-crafted use of user-generated content (UCG). Iconic brand Coca-Cola has broadened its AI marketing scope with the introduction of its very own consumer-facing AI-powered creative platform. Netflix, the world’s leading SVoD content streaming service, needs little introduction.

Enhanced Marketing Team Performance

This can include creating lookalike audiences, identifying customer segments with high conversion rates, and targeting specific keywords. AI can also be used to monitor social media conversations in real time, allowing companies to quickly respond to customer feedback and concerns. AI can also be used to automate social listening, social media scheduling and posting, saving time and resources for marketing teams. By leveraging AI-powered natural language processing, marketers can create content that allows them to connect with customers through this emerging channel.

artificial intelligence in marketing

Both publishers and consumer brands such as The Wall Street Journal, Pandora, La Redoute, and TopFan use an AI-powered approach to improve their conversion rates and differentiate from competition, as Boomtrain reports. Since 2016, articles to help marketers understand, pilot, and scale AI. We track and analyze hundreds of AI-powered vendors with $18+ billion in combined funding. And we partner with top AI-first companies to bring you exclusive insights straight from the cutting-edge of AI adoption and implementation.

The role of artificial intelligence in marketing

This means AI can change the customer’s experience depending on their online behavior or whether or not they’ve filled out a form for your company. National Australia Bank (NAB) launched a chatbot as a digital virtual banker for their business customers, to save those customers time on administrative tasks. The chatbot is available to answer customer questions 24 hours a day, and every day. The software is capable of answering more than 13,000 variations on more than 200 questions, drawing on real-life customer inquiries for answers. Although we might not like it, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already part of our world.

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