Epesi Accounts


Epesi Accounts ensures your business decisions are based on actual business data and insights. Set aside enough for tax time, learn the costs of running your business, find out if you have money to hire and confidently forecast your earnings.



Create, edit, and manage your customer and supplier contacts & addresses.


Inventory Management

Manage the goods and services you offer. Keep track of inventory levels and set re-order points. Tag your inventory with SKU numbers


Receivable Module

Create estimate, invoices and get reporting on overdue and upcoming payments.


Payables/Expenses Module

Input your payables including bills and expenses. Track where your money is going and keep track of payments you have made


Integration To Other Systems

Easily integrate to other platforms and systems via our APIs



includes Cash flow, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Expenses Report, Monthly summaries for expenses, income etc. Get visual analysis and summaries on your dashboard

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Manage your Accounts using this system.


Request And Create Account

Send a request from our website, You will be provided with unique login credentials.

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Set Up Account

You can now access the account and configure you setups, and assign roles.

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Start Using Account

Get started with the system and enjoy the modern features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us for any questions

  • Does the system have payment plans and test modes?

    Yes. There is a onetime set up fee and later a monthly subscription fee for maintenance of the system.

  • Any plans for expansion?

    Yes, we want Epesi Cloud to be the biggest vendor of cloud computing in Africa. Our products are tried and tested and our customers find them effective and efficient. People can reach us through 0757560600 or email [email protected]

  • How many users does the system have?

    We have three users for Epesi Realty, two for Epesi Elimu, one for Epesi Salesify, one for workflow and one for Epesi Legal