Epesi Elimu

Making schools simpler to run

Get our Epesi Elimu secion of the Epesi cloud suite and enjoy a simple and seamless process of running your school.


Admissions module

Record all the data that you would wish to capture in the admission process. You can also get access to the records and grant accesses and permissions to the various accounts that you have in your school. Add details like guardian contacts, student residence and admission type.


Fees module

Record all the fees recieved. This includes balances due and overpayments, communicate to the relevant stakeholders in any changes that would occur in the fee structure.


Teachers module

Set up and assign teachers to classes. Review the perfomance of the teachers setting indicators for perfomance parameters. Manage your school teachers activities using the platform.



Add a course and their details, view course students and their details. Add students to the courses created. Set up classes and streams Create and manage academic years, school term and timetables.


Exams module

Create and upload exams to the system. Assign the exams to your classes, assign personel to administer the said exam. Record marks per student sort and view results by desired criteria.


Facilities management

Set and administer the facilities in your school. Facilities such as the school bus, the school pitch, school labs, swimming pool among other can be added and assigned in the system.


EpesiElimu is a part of the Epesi cloud suite. Here are some of the benefits that come with using the app.

Data and analytics

Capture and process data in your school like never before. Generate reports based on what you would like to see for instance teachers persfomance, student perfomance, school bus trips among others. Data is important in running your institution hence with the application you have a reliable data partner.


The platform comes with a web and mobile version. Hence some functionalities can work on the web while others work on the mobile. The web version has most of the features. With this you can get your school employees use the system on thier phone. We can set times for you whereby you can shut down the system if it not school work hours,

Parental engagement

A digital solution for your school can add the engagements with parents. Information that is sent to parents is more accurate and can be generated just by the touch of a button. You are also able to keep the parents up to date with the current school running activites. Update them on new trends that happen in the school.

Resources directory

You can get the software and use it as a directory for your information. Having a repository for all your elearning materials comes in handy in improving the absorption of information. Hence increasing the perfomance of students.

Time saving

Some manual practices in the school's day to day activities take a lot of time to do. With the EpesiElimu application time is saved as most things are done by a touch of a button instead of a manual process.

Duplication of processes

Imagine you have the similar processes but with very slight changes. In a manual system you will have to recreate the said process again. With EpesiElimu you will duplicate a similar process and make changes where you want. What’s more with EpesiElimu you are able to create unlimited processes making it easier to manage unlike when you do not have the application.

Use case

All kinds of businesses can use the workflow application however here are some examples of how it can be used in this industries.



Manage day to dy activities of your library using the application. Record when books are taken and returned and by the person borrowing the book.


Primary schools

Use the applicaiton to record and administer all your activites in the primary school. Daily activites such as classes, clubs and other activites are administered easier using the application.



The college has its said processes. We the developers of the application learnt how colleges work and hence we came up with a system that will keep your college exciting to work at and to study at.