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Workflow the sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion Workflow is a system designed to automate the work flow process to minimize kinks and maximize efficiency in all work related process. This provides an overview of how efficient your systems are

  • Create work flows for all office departments.
  • Easy to use and understand the processes
  • Interdepartmental links to weed out inefficiencies.

Features Available

Manage your Real Estate Company using this bewildering system.

Speeds up internal processes.

Epesi Workflow streamlines and speeds up your internal processes by reducing manual entry and request handling.

Reduced errors.

This system reduces the risk of improperly approved requests minimizing on errors and employees re-working again.

Reduced paperwork

Epesi Workflow makes processes run smoothly and fast without too much paperwork.

Assigns tasks

This system helps your organization to assign tasks to the employee with the qualified and proven capabilities.

Create work flows for all office departments

Ability to create new work flows, with the leads assigned to it.

Easy to use and understand the processes

Has an attractive interface-it’s easy to use, efficient and responsive.


Epesi Realty is safe, reliable and accurate. It lets you do business without mistakes that can cost your credibility. It

Efficient task management

Efficient task management Due to automation, various departments are able to stay in touch more easily thereby improving communication.

Fewer administrative errors

Approval done only on relevant objects that have met the requirements of the parameters set

User Friendly

Is a Simple elegant intaface to understand.

Identify bottlenecks

Identify bottlenecks in your office processes using actionable data High employee turnover rate

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Manage your Real Estate Company using this bewildering system.

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Deadlines allow the assignees a specified number of days to complete a task. Tasks are not required to have a deadline. The task deadline is converted into a specific date on a content asset at the time that task is reached. That same calculation is also performed for any subsequent tasks, up until the next task without a deadline. The deadline for a task will not change unless workflow configuration changes are applied to the content asset. Users with the appropriate permissions can also override the period and set a specific date on any content asset task. When a task becomes active, an email notification is sent to all of the task’s assignees. Two days prior to the deadline, if the task is not yet completed, another email notification will be sent to all of the assignees. On the day of the deadline, if not yet completed, a final email notification will be sent to all of the assignees..
Our team will help you come up with checklists that complies with your work flow process then initiate the sysyem in a way that the relevant department gets a notification when the process reaches a stage where they dept is required.
Changes to stages will take place immediately within any content where the workflow has not yet been completed. If a stage is deleted, it will be deleted from content that is in progress. However, if a completed asset is edited in any way, this will trigger an update to the asset’s workflow, including all stage edits, additions or removals. Completed assets are left as-is until edited.

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